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GRX graphics library

GRX is a 2D graphics library originaly written by Csaba Biegl for DJ Delorie's DOS port of the GCC compiler.

Now it support DOS (using the DJGPP v2 compiler), Linux console, X11 and Win32 (using the Mingw compiler).

On DOS it supports EGA, VGA and VESA compliant cards. On Linux console it uses svgalib or the framebuffer. On X11 only Linux is directly supported, but it must work on any X11R5 (or later) system after a few changes in a config file. From the 2.4 version, GRX comes with a Win32 driver, from 2.4.6 you can considere it stable. The Linux console framebuffer video driver was new in 2.4.2. From 2.4.7 it supports a SDL driver in Linux-X11 and Mingw32..

The latest GRX release is 2.4.9

Last site update: July 10 2012