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GRX graphics library: download

GRX v2.4.9   Tar.gz format: grx249.tar.gz (1514962 bytes)
Zip format: grx249s.zip (2135078 bytes)
MD5 sums:   b159fd2cfbd6c77a18be5e8fe067dc78 *grx249.tar.gz
d39aefe59c0cac41eb3d2e7439cc1d65 *grx249s.zip

Older releases:

GRX v2.4.8   Tar.gz format: grx248.tar.gz (1510074 bytes)
Zip format: grx248s.zip (2128684 bytes)
MD5 sums:   c4fbeeef428a9dce6c3dc84ab8f574cb *grx248.tar.gz
797d212eaddd29353a24a1ef0faf73f7 *grx248s.zip
GRX v2.4.7   Tar.gz format: grx247.tar.gz (1620949 bytes)
Zip format: grx247s.zip (2234750 bytes)
MD5 sums:   04869ecef8354b6354cf5e564c939cd4 *grx247.tar.gz
74279e7e7a69a72a45e059191e6fe980 *grx247s.zip
GRX v2.4.6   Tar.gz format: grx246.tar.gz (1550084 bytes)
Zip format: grx246s.zip (2137107 bytes)
MD5 sums:   be430a00450942cb85d167891b2fdb21 *grx246s.zip
a9421e0256fa99a0f074ec75d99555e5 *grx246.tar.gz
GRX v2.4.5   Tar.gz format: grx245.tar.gz (1432k)
Zip format: grx245s.zip (2004k)
MD5 sums:   9a1abee88241e68c2aa2be4ab47f095d *grx245s.zip
6b14fcdfe993f12521333ffd1edbfb8f *grx245.tar.gz
GRX v2.4.4   Tar.gz format: grx244.tar.gz (1408k)
Zip format: grx244s.zip (1972k)
MD5 sums:   f94b4438f35026581a2b2fd0030d00c5 *grx244s.zip
fb7a4ad576f62f0e5192370eb05a50f4 *grx244.tar.gz
GRX v2.4.3   Tar.gz format: grx243.tar.gz (1236k)
Zip format: grx243s.zip (1801k)
MD5 sums:   3f278dc0e0197363ad3e4228357bafbc *grx243s.zip
796c5e956028506155f3e0adfce7eaa7 *grx243.tar.gz
GRX v2.4.2   Tar.gz format: grx242.tar.gz (1209k)
Zip format: grx242s.zip (1767k)
MD5 sums:   90d698c1871b6dfc426f9df043779329 *grx242.tar.gz
61487f0d95a0704a93f121ff646a28a5 *grx242s.zip
GRX v2.4.1   Tar.gz format: grx241.tar.gz (1119k)
Zip format: grx241s.zip (1680k)
GRX v2.4   Tar.gz format: grx24.tar.gz (1142k)
Zip format: grx24s.zip (1697k)
GRX v2.3.4   Tar.gz format: grx234.tar.gz (1131k)
Zip format: grx234s.zip (1691k)
GRX v2.3.1   Sources, fonts, and test files: grx-2.3.1.tar.gz (886k)
Installation instructions: grx-2.3.1.README (5k)
GRX v2.3   Sources and test files: grx23.zip (551k)
Recommended update: grx23up1.zip (36k)
Font files: grx23fnt.zip (643k)
Installation instructions: grx23rme.1st (4k)
Compiled libraries available for
GRX v2.2
Sources,fonts and test files: grx22.zip (740k)
Required update: grx22up2.zip (111k)
Additional font files: grx23fnt.zip (643k)