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GRX graphics library: license

This is file "copying.grx".

This document describes the terms for distributing the source code of and any
derived work based on the GRX graphics library. Such source code is marked
with the next text:

 ** Copyright (c) [year] [author], [author information]
 ** This file is part of the GRX graphics library.
 ** The GRX graphics library is free software; you can redistribute it
 ** and/or modify it under some conditions; see the "copying.grx" file
 ** for details.

Source code with the above copyright is distributed under the following terms:

 (1) The test programs for the graphics library (code in the 'test'
     sub-directory) is distributed without restrictions. This code
     is free for use in commercial, shareware or freeware applications.

 (2) The GRX graphics library is distributed under the terms of the
     GNU LGPL (Library General Public License) with the following amendments
     and/or exceptions:

     -  Using the DOS versions (DOS only! this exception DOES NOT apply to
	the Linux version) you are permitted to distribute an application
	linked with GRX in binary only, provided that the documentation
	of the program:

	   a)	informs the user that GRX is used in the program, AND

	   b)	provides the user with the necessary information about
		how to obtain GRX. (i.e. ftp site, etc..)

 (3) Fonts (in the 'fonts' directory) are distributed according to the
     terms in the file "COPYING.MIT". Most of the fonts included with the
     GRX library were derived from fonts in the MIT X11R4 distribution.
     The exception is the "pc" BIOS font family, which is distributed
     without restrictions.

A copy of the GNU GPL (in the file "COPYING") and the GNU LGPL (in
the file "COPYING.LIB") is included with this document. If you did
not receive a copy of "COPYING" or "COPYING.LIB", you may obtain one 
from where this document was obtained, or by writing to:

  Free Software Foundation
  675 Mass Ave
  Cambridge, MA 02139