GRX v2.3: Known problems

This is a list of known problems found in GRX v2.3.
Fix / work around
all There's no up to date documentation available Use the v1.0x documentation in doc/old/
all There's a typo in addons/ctx2jpeg.c In line 140 replace ctx with cxt next update
all GRX v2.3 still reports a beta version: 0x229 (v2.29) next update
all The memory driver allocates all planes in one chunk instead of using real planes v2.4
all addons/print/readme is out dated next update
all Printing in 1200dpi on Laserjet's supporting PCL6 doesn't work
all doc/grx22.txt outdated delete file next update
all test/textpatt.c void main() warning next update
DOS The MACH64 driver bank switching doesn't work on all cards Use the VESA driver
DOS Using DJGPP v2.01 / GCC 2.7.2 with -O2 optimization breaks the mouse functions on some systems.
DOS addons/print && addons/bmp obj files not delete on make clean next update
DOS grxprint.c won't compile using DJGPP v1 next update
DOS compiling GRX fails on non-standard shells (eg. 4Dos, bash) next update
X11 GrBitBlt doesn't work in more then 16 bpp Use the patches
Unix No autoconf script available

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