GRX graphics library v2.2

This document provides information about the obsolete GRX graphics library v2.2. You might want to have a look at the latest GRX release

Download GRX v2.2

GRX v2.2 is available from this site

GRX v2.2 info

Thanks to a lot of work by

Csaba Biegl of course and Mauro Condarelli
Christian Domp
Michael Goffioul
Sven Hilscher
Andrzej Lawa [FidoNet: Andrzej Lawa 2:480/19.77]
Ulrich Leodolter
Hartmut Schirmer
Daniel Skarda
and others (see doc/credits.doc) the GRX library is now greatly enhanced.

Compared with the from DJ-dirs this release provides:

What's currently untested:

What's missing:

Installation for DJGPP: Unpack the archive in your DJGPP v2 root directory by 'pkunzip -d' or 'unzip'

Edit your DJGPP.ENV file:

Check GRX v2.2

Recompile your own programs with GRX v2.2!

Installation for Linux: Unpack the archive in a temporary directory using 'unzip -L -a'. Make sure all .fnt files where extracted in binary mode! Go to contrib subdir and move the grx22 tree to /usr/src

Delete the DJGPP .a file in the grx22/lib subdir.

Many GRX based programs need to access the font file. Either make the /usr/src/grx22/fonts subdir readable to anyone running GRX programs or copy the fonts subdir to a place where anyone can access it (I placed the fonts in /usr/local/grx-fonts on my system) Make sure the GRXFONT environment variable points to the fonts directory.

In /usr/src/grx22 check the default settings in makedefs.gnu and makedefs.x11

To build the SVGALIB based GRX v2.2 run

make -f makefile.lnx

To build the X11 based GRX v2.2 run

make -f makefile.x11

Check the by running the (static linked) test programs. If everything works well, copy the .a and .so library files to a system lib dir, eg. /usr/local/lib and generate symbolic links for the shared libraries: -> -> Copy the files from grx22/include and grx22/compat to an include dir (eg. /usr/local/include) Make sure all installed files are readable everyone compiling/running GRX based programs. Now GRX v2.2 should be ready for your programs !

Important: Due to slight changes in grx20.h you'll have to recompile your programs. Just relinking it won't work in most cases. Help: If you have any problem with GRX v2.2 please update to the latest stable GRX release

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