GRX change log

Date     Changes
98/06/03 =================== GRX v2.3 release ===================
98/05/26 Fixed a bug in gcc/highlow.h
98/05/24 Printing code synced with Andris
         Some additional files needed memcopy.h
         X11R6 driver was broken (XInitImage) -- fixed
98/05/20 DOS _GrUpdateInputs() still used getxkey -- fixed
         ram3x8, ega4, herc1 & dosinput didn't include memcopy.h
         System endian can now be defined by -D_BIG_ENDIAN or
           -D_LITTLE_ENDIAN at compile time
98/05/19 GrSetFontPath() still used alloca -- fixed
         Again fixed minor problems in printing code:
           - some functions where declared extern but
             implemented static
           - signed / unsigned problem in RepeatByte()
98/05/18 Update printing support.
         There were no RAM drivers for 1 & 4bpp in X11
         Fixed a bug on short hlines in ram1 & ram4
         GRX uses it's own memcopy now
98/05/17 Watcom makefiles changed for DEBUG support and
           .dat copy from test/ to bin/
98/05/14 Some code fixes to avoid warnings from SUN cc
98/05/13 Minor changes to avoid warnings on several platforms
	   (eg, eliminated C++ style comments, non ASCII chars, ...)
98/05/11 Fixed LFB frame buffer address handling when
           LFB_BY_NEAR_POINTER active
         JPEG & TIFF save now use GrGetScanlineC() and allocate
           memory calling malloc() instead of alloca()
98/05/10 Fixed a typo in watcom/memfill.h
         GCC v2.8.1 broke dependency file creation under
           DJGPP v2, no subdir information was included for
           the target. The gcc -MM output is now passed through
           a new sed script and the created dep-file should be
           ok on any version GCC. Same change for Linux and X11
           makefile. This change makes Watcom makefile creation
           by utils/watmake work again.
         Again fixed Watcom makefiles
         Added -DGRX_DEFAULT_FONT_PATH="...." configuration for
           default font path when no GRXFONT environment entry
           specified. This is mostly useful on Unix platforms.
         Getting scanline changed for GrPixel / GrPixelC
           like naming: GrGetScanline && GrGetScanlineC
98/05/07 Watcom updates (bmp/printing/makefiles)
         Minor BMP & printing updates for better Unix support
98/05/06 Fixed a bug in _GrFrDrvGenericStretchBlt()
	 Fixed potential bug in GrImageFilledBoxAlign()
98/05/05 GrGetScanline && GrPutScanline functions added
98/05/04 GCC/i386 peek_24 was broken
         Image stretching fixes and imgtest prog
         (this is v2.28l)
98/05/03 Added getindexscanline() and putscanline() to frame
           drivers and implemented generic versions.
         Added _GrFrDrvGenericStretchBlt() using integer
           arithmetic and the new scanline functions.
         Fixed dynamic memory allocation bugs in image code.
         GrImageStretch() now uses _GrFrDrvGenericStretchBlt()
98/04/30 Pascal definition for GrGetLibrarySystem
         Changed VBE2 memory mapped IO support so a buggy BIOS
           won't break the code that easily
98/04/28 Pattern filling uses predefined _GrPatternFiller instead
           of local initialized var
         S3 drivers banking functions enhanced
         Unified DJGPP & Watcom VBE2 code
98/04/27 Fixed problems in font loading code on big endian systems
         Updated Watcom support
         Again eliminated some empty macro args
         Added GrGetLibrarySystem() returning GRX_VERSION for
           portable runtime system check
         (this is v2.28j, also it already identifies as v2.29 ...)
98/04/26 Fixed a bug introduced when changing pattern filled text
98/04/22 (Pattern-) fill code unified & simplified.
         Fixed a filling bug on big endian systems.
         Makefiles updated (printing, zlib)
         Configuration switches for 'noisy' compilers
         Code cleanups and splitted some files
         src/makefile.wat now generated from depend.dj2
98/04/21 Better cooperation between X11 and GRX in pseudo color mode
         Added GrAllocEgaColors() for allocation standard EGA colors
         Borland-C++ 4bpp blit was broken.
         Relaxed some macro argument handlings for older BCC versions
98/04/20 GRX should work on X11R5 systems now.
         Added some new key definitions (shift left/right/up/down).
         Changed inline -> INLINE for portability.
         Removed empty arguments in clipping.h
         Again fixed minor problems.
98/04/15 Added X11 driver changes by Ulrich. Fixes the XGetImage problem.
         Fixed several portability problems, mainly removed cast
           to (unsigned) int of assigned variables.
         Fixed some bugs Thomas found in the ALPHA code
         Changed temp. memory allocation. New function ALLOC()
           will use malloc if SMALL_STACK defined of alloca otherwise.
         Watcom assembler code didn't work. Changed the #pragma
           definitions so they don't use macros.
         Fixed several minor bugs
98/04/13 Fixed minor bugs in X11 driver.
98/04/06 Checked GNU-Pascal support (basic functions only)
98/04/05 Minor bugfixes and some GCC/386 speedups (copy & fill
         loops aligned on 16byte boundary for optimal performance)
         Changed the mouse timing information to real world time
         instead of user process time (X11 & Linux)
         GrMouseGetEventT will only return a valid ev.dtime if
         any event occured
         (now at 2.28g)
98/04/02 Faster VGA8X line drawing
         The video ram peek and poke operations (_f) won't get
         optimized away any more (4bpp blit bug with Linux/svgalib)
98/03/31 Added 64 bit support (_h) (on alpha systems at least)
         Fixed a bug in egavga1.c/drawvline
98/03/30 Integrated Gary's Watcom changes.
         Watcom port now defines LFB_BY_NEAR_POINTER
         Added _n as near/normal opposite of _f in macro names to
         avoid empty arguments in macro calls
98/03/27 Borland port now uses RAM3x8 in 24bpp and 32bpp modes
         Fast and robust colfill_... functions for Borland
         Updated image support
98/03/19 24bpp mode changed:
	 - Added repfill_24 and optimized peek_24/poke_24
	 - dropped access24.h (only color component access left)
	 - LFB24 and RAM24 now use the same code.
	 - Optimization for black/grey/white filling: done by repfill_b
	 Fixed some Linux/386 shared lib problems (can't use EBX with -fPIC)
98/03/17 Major code rearrangement: (Watcom port may be broken :((
	 - A lot of frame driver now share code and use much
	   more optimized (!= generic) drawing functions
	 - Generic and asm fwdcopy/revcopy functions for blitting
	 - splitted header files to individual system files
	   (filling, copying, ...) for better maintaince and
	   easier optimization
	 - much work on BCC speed & stability
	 - Expect the Watcom port to be broken :((
	 Added Andris latest changes to the printing system
98/02/25 Fixed X11 keyboard handling
         minor changes for BSD compilation
         updates to printing system
98/02/24 Fixed a bug in GrDestroyPattern() when freeing the
         bitmap planes (found&patched by Michal).
         access24.h needed another fix for Linux shared lib :(
98/02/20 Added BMP file read && image display contributed
         by Michal Stencl
         Added JPEG context save by Vincenzo Morello
98/02/19 Watcom makefiles, fixes to print system
         Changed access24.h for shared library compilation
         on Linux-i386 systems
98/02/17 Watcom fixes and addons by Gary
	 Fixed svga4, lfb8 and vga8x blit functions
	 Added color selection by bpp to GrSetMode
	 Added patterned text output by Stencl Peter
	 Added printing support (thanks again Andris!)
	 (changed version to v2.27)
98/01/13 fast RAM to video blit to 16 color driver
         fast hline for 16 color RAM driver
98/01/08 Watcom support integrated. Code cleanup (eg. gcc
         multi line strings cleaned for other compilers)
         Added platform dependent lib-subdirs
         Fixed some Linux/svgalib keyboard bugs
98/01/01 Revised keyboard support as suggested by Andris and
	 Vincenzo. See new grkeys.h file in include dir!
	 (We're now at v2.26)
97/12/21 Updated DJGPP (v1&v2) makefiles again.
	 Fixed some GCC warnings with additional -W... switches
	 (WARNOPTS in makedefs.gnu)
	 Fixed a BCC problem with the new 16 color blit function
	 Some local functions didn't have a static :(
	 Fixed some Linux && X11 keyboard problems (input got
	 desynced on heavy load / high keyrates)
97/12/18 updated Pascal support to v2.25
	 BCC allocates from heap instead of stack for big blocks
	 (any alloca'a left ??); eliminated some unchecked malloc's
	 Splitted several code files for smarter linking
	 BCC arithmetic moved from assembler macro to optimized
	 functions for more reliable results
97/12/16 ported the flood fill function from BCC2GRX. See grx20.h
	 for ...FloodFill (we're now at v2.25)
97/12/15 changed ulong, ushort, etc to GR_int32u, GR_int16u, etc
	 for better portability and to avoid warnings on Linux
97/12/08 Integrated code (variable X11 window size & memory driver)
	 and patches (genellip & SaveContextToTiff & other) by Andris
97/11/16 Updated Linux and X11 makefiles
97/11/02 Makefiles for DJGPP v1 compilation
	 New (much faster) 16 color video to video blit routine
97/11/01 Fixed some far pointers to RAM area in the video drivers
97/10/29 Added ALPHA processor support
97/10/01 Fixed DJGPP systag generation in SRC makefile
97/09/30 Updated makefiles and makedefs
	 Added the addons directory and the SaveContextToTiff
	 Fixed some BCC specific warnings
	 S3 driver banking doesn't work for 16 color modes, at
	   least for my card. Uses VESA banking for < 256 colors
	 Fixed BCC __emit__() code in arith.h (thanks, Andris)

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